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A citizen group has been formed to rally public support, promote, and raise money to install splash pads for Bellevue parks.
About Us
Get splash pad built in Everret Park on Betz Road to open this season. The openning date will be contingent on fund raising. We need your help!!!
Work with the City of Bellevue on grant money (Federal, State, and Foundations).
Work with the City of Bellevue on the logistics of installing splash pads in Bellevue Parks.
Be active participants in the design and installation of splash pads in Bellevue.
Our groupís goals:
Raise money from foundations and private donations as well as from our business community to bring splash pads to Bellevue.
Additional Goals:
Get feedback from the Citizens of Bellevue and the City of Bellevue to determine possible locations for additional splash pads in Bellevue parks.
Provide a forum for feedback from the Citizens of Bellevue on future recreational development and beautification projects for Bellevue.
Long term we would like to see at least 3 or 4 sprinkler playgrounds added to different city parks around our city. Cities like Papillion have found these parks so popular that they are looking to add more parks.
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